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Tattoo the skin, program of coloured drawing or pattern

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Tattoo is not thorn blueness. Pricking blueness is the expression of old society the seamy side, however an art.  
       client: Mostly 20~30 year old, industry all kinds of strange things. Have those who do property government, have dance, have a student, outside having those who be in China, teach, chef, athlete...
       design: Most person likes civil very the design that rock and roll, for instance ghost of mask of skeleton, rose, Japan, dragon, element is encircled (be in namely circuit of big arm above paragraphs is simple design) , wine mark, smoke, car, anyhow is the thing that him person that tattoo likes particularly.
       is aching:
       of everybody bear be fond of ability to differ, it is sustainable commonly, resemble Wen Mei same. Also have the person that feels special, feel to tattoo the gun is in on the skin shake, resemble massaging, very comfortable. Although language color does not ache, but have pattern that skin can be roused, and tattoo criterion and skin are euqally flowing.
       tattooes gun   special occupational equips, at present great majority tattooes master, those who use is the article eyebrow machine in beauty parlour, too spare, and influence design is beautiful;   of professional tattoo color won't cause harm to the skin; Black of autograph of alcohol, cotton, disinfection
         1.   bathes
         2.   is disinfected in tattoo place
         3.   tattooes (time length inspects difficult easy degree and area size, be like 100 square centimeter, require 2 hours) a measure also divides inside this: First article line, outline, clean next, see chromatically rate; Dark processing is made later, because design wants to have stereo feeling, clean again, again chromatically, clean again.
         4. Surface of   scour off is painty (if dissatisfactory place is repaired again)
         1.   as far as possible civil the place that aching, be like flesh of head of shoulder, prothorax, tiger, hip, anyhow is the place with flowing muscle, not be adipose little place, the waist after be like, navel, ankle, tattoo in clavicle very good-looking, but very ache.
         2.   article back does not want random cut, can bathe after 24 hours. 3 tattoo place can have a few white skins to fall off in the day, restore one week later.
         3.  18 year old the following child does not want civil, because have not grow up, the thought did not finalize the design, lest regret in the future.
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