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Reason of 8 big tattoo

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  seeks to live on primitively purpose
       primitive lives in forest, with coexist of beast of prey, conceal oneself to beg, become him daub the colour of nature or pattern only.  
The tattoo with      superstitious  
       allegedly some plants engrave the figure of the animal or special design can avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease perhaps enhances physical ability.  
The mark   of        clan
A lot of tribal nations have        of tattoo consuetudinary, the commonnest is religious totem, identify in order to do.  
The tattoo that        commemorates
       is contemporary the most popular, it is the name lover or benefactor is engraved on the body.  
The tattoo of        hairdressing
The scar with      congenital   , can use tattoo cover; The girl with rare brow, also can fill with Wen Mei.  
The tattoo of consciousness of hero of        ego
       is the heroic creed with intense expression, or as strong token, the behavior of the person that tattoo is regarded as brave.  
The tattoo of drive of        work energetically
The character that        engraves a drive on the body perhaps is had up the design of imply, with at any time him vigilance.  
The tattoo of        aesthetic feeling
Aesthetic feeling of        complete be particular about reachs artistic value; body melt into one honour the sculpture of coloured drawing or pattern.