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Laser is OK take out article is in the design that goes up personally, but do no

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     grain the design on the body is OK really take out, perhaps say contemporary and magical surgery to be able to the technology accomplish purify design and do not leave a mark?  "Cannot full take out and do not leave a bit mark"Doctor Shenglafeierdi of   Italy Milan says  ", the result with   final in any event depends on the size   of place grain design, what   position and place use is painty"  if design is very small, usable and surgical operation is excised, if oversew well, look not to come out almost, grain is on neck and arm (be in especially deltoid, bladebone, clavicle and humeral upside) the design on the place that needs with other skin flexibility can leave a scar to use the modernest technology, OK also take out area ratio is older, the design with heavy color, this is   of smooth caky law"On the base that using technology of laser of aluminous garnet of yttrium of neodymium of  Q  switch mix into, the laser that uses different wavelengh can selectively undergo surgery, make the skin is not damaged"The Naerdi in   says  "Light shoots derma, will painty grain becomes powder, make high jump is increased between them, be absorbed by huge bite cell next and keep clear of"If   tattooes the skin design color is deeper, can repeat for many times, the wavelengh of ceaseless commutation light.  "Be in treated place, can stay or deep or shallow stain"  this skin expert says frankly,  "But this always is close friends than leaving scar tumour. This kind of tumour is the mark that surgical operation or surgery of carbon dioxide laser leave. This kind of conventional laser surgery is very deep to cutaneous injury. Another advantage with smooth caky law and other distinct technology is, it does not need local anaesthesia. Regretful is current only center of a few a few medical treatment can become this kind of operation"  anyhow, tattoo the skin by major the design of artisan grain compares easy take out. . , because they are embedded cutaneous color depth is identical and additional, the needle that a clinic place that bear the blame uses is one-time, dye and container also are to change every time, the risk that can eliminate to affect so but tattoo the skin (the design that chooses red and blue to give priority to tone especially) the phosphoric acid nickel that can give pair of place in dye to contain is allergic person bring an issue. Painty meeting forms embedded cutaneous to gather too much, cause the reaction of variant, appear red wait for a phenomenon.