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Tattoo the skin the technology differs according to craft can divide into 3 genr

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    because of the times differ to tattoo the skin with the difference of district the method that the technology evolves into to be used now for different school has 3 kinds, namely Samoa type, day type and popular Samoa of beautiful type Italy the technology of type, it is by Milanese Ji Anmao Qiaofeierqiaoni is mixed other a few tattoo the skin division person is pushed. They use bone of drill rod of small hammer hammer or shark tooth to do v hoe type combs form pricker, note ink into the skin. This is a more sophisticated technology, tattoo the skin to division wants both hands and be used, still need. . Want or a few people become assistant, will tattoo the skin skin take up of the person, movement of whole members of a squad-a small body of people working together wants type of very harmonious, synchronous Japan to tattoo the skin those who use is small rod, resemble having a meal a bit used chopstick, a needle is installed in young ruffian top (do not take a valve) , them one endures a department to rise, dip in on dye pricks most now on the skin person to use beautiful type to tattoo the skin law, those who use is machine of needle of a kind of when the Englishman invents small report, what it installs is one kind bumps a needle, strike a law with Samoa very similar, just be automation. Topmost needle has  1-7  differ, although people has thought preparation commonly, but how many still have keenly feel. This does not depend on tattoo the skin the technical level of division, depend on however tattoo the skin sensitive degree of the person and tattoo the skin the experience of division. . .