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Malcontent Annisidu installs Zhu Li pitiful

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  of sina recreation dispatch is the closest, fu Annisidu is accepting Ni of Zhan of Hollywood female star famous TV takes off a show program daughter chairs Aopula Wenfulei when interviewing, be opposite former husband cloth, criticise he loves the new and loathe the old, the new sweetheart that this lets the skin is special installs Li of Zhu of auspicious Li graceful · is angry very, the friend of Zhu Li discloses, zhu Li is in two days this all the time tongue-lash outfit of the TV on Annisidu to have pity on, be like Pete to have how to I am sorry she.   

The friend of Zhu Li says, zhu Li criticises Annisidu borrows what get the public with wrestle of be related of leather spy divorce to sympathize with, let leather spy   at the same time
Become with Zhu him Li by the object of cannon. because of this matter, zhu Li breaks off a friendship with Wenfuji even, invite her program on Zhu Li to accept when latter when interviewing, zhu Li rebuff.  

The friend says: "After Zhu Li hears the word that Annisidu says to Wenfulei very angry, she says she is disgusting straight keck, she says Annisidu is just like simply is auspicious forest elder brother's wife, babble ground is telling his misfortune, be like a whole world to I am sorry like her. The result is, the viewer still thinks Zhu Li is a how bad woman, participate of her a third party reaved Annisidu's husband. " after the event, wenfulei explained to Zhu Li designedly according to saying, the Li that ask Zhu does not have what hostility to her, but Zhu Li also does not think Liwenfulei again however.    

What what I hope is, although Annisidu lets Zhu Li feel not happy, but Pete is loyal and devoted to her however, the skin was in designedly especially recently his hind the grain on the back of a Buddhist prayer tattoo the skin, one when should tattoo the skin to go up with Zhu Li shoulder tattooes the skin very suitable, all be for pray blessing, pete says to hope this tattooes the skin can give the Zhu Li that is about to produce to bring lucky. (Early morning)