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The confess of model of human body coloured drawing or pattern

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     is in the whistle of the audience and scream, I one gnash one's teeth get on the body only fig leaf was dragged at 3 o'clock, nake painter of at one's convenience is wiped in the Tu Tu on my body. This is taken off, make me this life back and belly does not have care; Also can be this is taken off, I am taken off absolutely all close affection --
From " gram bud " to the belle
Junior high school is read in me 2 grade when, father come off sentry duty, with mom a work laboriously placed small meal vendor's stand, rely on a bowl of a bowl fastfood keep the pot boiling, give evening early to return everyday... the acid in my heart is acerbity, pledge over and over, must take an examination of attend a college, earn a lot of money to repay parents. Arrive again to junior high school from elementary school high school, I am the study the best of its kind on the class. Tall temporarily, my height achieves 1.78 meters, the person grows white thin, classmates took monicker to cry to me " gram bud " . Because do not have sunset night to bend over to go up in desk, my back has some of camel gradually. For correctional this defect, I signed up for stealthily socially a beautiful body class that gives priority to in order to develop model. In beautiful body class, I discovered to there are a lot of beauties on feminine body. However before long father knew, my curse, compel me to exit beautiful body class.
I exited beautiful body class darlingly, do not think the time of class of body is in the beauty hard, learn with greater efforts, absorption. 2000, I do not lose popular confidence, one's deceased father went up Hua Dong a key university, entire county is resounding. Father takes out 10 thousand yuan of tuition below painstaking assemble proudly from the bank, send me to go to the school reporting for duty personally. In university campus, mock my height without the person, female classmates envy me to do the figure that choose instead. My state of mind is gradually clear also rise, the person is more self-confident also, amateur likes to enter all sorts of activities of the school, will reveal oneself. I joined setting-up exercise group, the person is more and more outstanding also, occasionally I cannot help on the sly sees him in lens.
By " astral explore " disentomb make model
Arrived big 2, , the group goes setting-up exercise of my be accompanying another university does couplet friendship, by model company " astral explore " discovery, that is a pretty woman of more than 30 years old, having the face of genial round circle, she was staring at me to look a long time, resembling is to admiring an artwork, next the eye shines to say brightly to me: "Your figure one class club, do not make a model, that too regrettablly ah... " I pursue go about selling an idea model. She leaves me a piece of calling card, if had considered to give her to call,say.
I immediately defect was entered indecisive in. I know, model income does not poor, if can win a what award again, that need not a bowl of one bowl ground sells parents the rice be my assemble tuition, the temptation that makes model is honest too big, think of that poor home, I with respect to aching, I am to think breakfast earn one's own living really, reduce parental burden. After hesitating a few days, the telephone that I dialed calling card to go up...
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