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How should the United States go " system paint "

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    seeks which one position of the body, have key put pen to paper next, this was last year even before some year of job that seeks. Some is for completely amused, have a plenty of follow suit blindly, some is peacockish do mischief, should know to dip in on dye makes a picture on the body, be equal to sing the face of Beijing opera actor to wear Chinese ink, deep, heavy, thick, intense, it is the armature of greasepaint, the stage appears on the stage to fall is terrestrial heaven namely. Just think small be born or female role, for the moment does not say buffoon, walk on the ave directly, is surrounding the mood that watchs a person how?  

The tattoo that     goes, make person shiver, always feel to do black flavour a bit. Evolve into a word gradually later: Bear. Have the mark of pinprick, wearing watch above the position of a bit. The hand is extended come over, you carry not can self-consciously the eye is looked up and down, be in in the heart feel puzzled: Are you in really bear? Be internal heat or bad luck evil? I wish be worthy of the name, make the same score coexist with support of the people, retreat broadness of wide ground of one pace day. The woman differs again, they are quite sensitive to colour and dote on, anyway the back of the human body and little stomach are already complete naked, empty move also is, be inferior to nod color to look. Such, 360 much the profession of division of an embroider paint.  

    draw, coloured drawing or pattern, go up in jade neck, on shoulder, on the arm, on beautiful leg and instep, flyer of flowers and plants, the mascot such as crane of Long Fengqi Lin also came, gracing is certain, because paid costly fee. Can you have other secondary action nevertheless? Of allergic like the skin, mixed view hold peck, " get hurt " after nurse catch up with? The United States wants as synchronous as the heart, have a bit be out of line, that is apparent exterior article.  

    very approval is simpler " coloured drawing or pattern " , if a few pink are brushed in eyelid and neck, there is glistening thing inside pink, a kind of very clever and tricky gimmick. Still one is plant is to stick paillette, acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance piece in a lot of, have the energy of life of fox of a bewitching, be different from common. The sort of paster also is material benefit thering is no lack of, the operation is handy, quick, and divide be being washed also rushed. Origin and live and the art that prep above lives, be cannot copy directly come over. Empress will be corollaceous go up in the head, preterhuman can fly, everyday laic not OK, this is the distinction outside the play in play. Besides, love beautiful heart person to all have, imitated, innovation is above criticism, the key is how a few more appropriate, a few more successful, a few more harmonious also of course, promotion inviting the beauty arrives true only beautiful state, this need is comprehended attentively, include system paint.
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