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Special contemporary tattoo the skin means

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Agitation is declared write body declare martial law ended, resembling is popular spread like plague, you can use the paster that prick blueness or tattoo the skin the desire that coloured drawing or pattern will come to satisfy Fu body. This kind of child invents the paster that prick blueness already come out for a long time, begin popularity from Western Europe, sweep the whole world madly; Choose character beautiful and the paster pricking blueness with distinctive modelling, the end that different is achieved and pricks green same extraordinary is sought in letting you can be the same as. Avoid ache, expenditure is cheap often can change again, these are the advantage of the paster that prick blueness, most of dazzle is] the color limitation of aculeate blueness, wait for monochromatic from light of black, firebug, wait for answer color to double color, colourful colour, can stick in any place on the body along with him be fond of. "Thorn blueness pricks green paster than sticking more cruel, it is opinions differ from each other really, which kinds are better? Everybody has a choice each, just behave means to differ. The paster that prick blueness is harmless at body skin, should tear down only plastic outside film, hit with water gently wet hind, the means that paster imprints with turning, press press in the place that wants to stick, the area size that inspects the paster that prick blueness is pressed about a few minutes, be sure to keep in mind human body is column Ban withers " magpie model is pressed accordingly when pressing, want as close together as the skin, tear down slowly again later back paper, be versed in greatly complete. General tenability 3 days, but if some destroyed a graph to still be stuck rather too abdicate; When washing the paster that prick blueness, with fine flexible bath essence of life touchs Gao to steal Liang of your Wei ∪ gently scrub can, be sure to keep in mind to cannot be washed suddenly forcibly.
     coloured drawing or pattern is with vegetal dye (Henna) , in order to prick a skill that green calligraphy or drawing describes. Painterly means presents religious human body ceremony at Indian religion place approximately, the Mai Danna after popular day ever pricked blueness with coloured drawing or pattern luxuriant in MTV change personally. If want the effect photograph with thorn blueness to compare, thorn blueness pricks blueness to want to come accurately than coloured drawing or pattern really, this is the calligraphy or drawing that appears because of dye relatively pinprick comes thickly, and cannot show administrative levels feeling and stereo beauty relatively. However what what blueness of thorn of coloured drawing or pattern presents is to have theater relatively, use dye about a hundred kinds. In making picture process cannot bedew, collect fees means and tattoo the skin similar, all with working hours plan cost; Finished product can reveal Jin of the purplish or white patches on the skin that sift falcon about but be restricted a few days ago only good-looking, cannot exert oneself to do sth. rub is kneaded when bath.
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