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The note after tattooing the skin explains

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One, grain back is excellent in will last film or gauze rip off, tattoo the skin cut is rinsed clean with Wenshui, ban with soap and bath fluid.
2, cut of day of the 1-2 after tattooing the skin can have courage and uprightness oozy for normal phenomenon, traumatic of not optional daub creams, not usable hand feels cut.
3, make sure cut cleanness is dry, after bathing or after a large number of motion, touch moisture content of dry cut appearance with dry paper towel.
4, cut cannot be handled with alcohol and iodine, prevent infection, but the traumatic and antiphlogistic medicine with right amount profess to convinced.
5, before cut is not good, do not drink and hot food, prohibit swimming sauna (but Wen Shuichong is washed)
6, tattoo the skin after finishing a few days scratchy, receive scab, desquamate cannot be caught flinch cut, lest decolour, wearing comfortable and comfortable dress.
7, notice to after the sanitation of cut tattooes the skin, must bathe, want to wash everyday, but when washing, do not exert oneself to do sth. rub is brushed tattoo the skin the skin of place, because bathe,be to want oozy humoral the ointment with remain wash clean, want to notice not to use the thing of and so on of stimulating bath fluid, soap nevertheless, additionally bathing time shoulds not be too long. Can develop a bath, but unfavorable bubble bath, unfavorable also swim. Tattoo the skin place tattooes the skin in resuming a course can scratchy, desquamate writtens guarantee thin thin crust, it is normal phenomenon, but must not catch dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed to tattoo the skin with the hand place, can affect tattooist color otherwise. The sentence that the skin reinstates well is controlled 10 days commonly with respect to meeting heal, should protect recognizant position conciously later (if tattoo the skin,the skin of place gets hurt, can affect color, serious when need complementary color) . Before and tattoo the skin restoring thoroughly, do not drink as far as possible, the food that does not eat seafood and acrimony stimulation, because these metropolises are caused,tattoo the skin place is aglow, scratchy appear even hypersensitive shape, cause undesirable consequence easily to tattooing the skin.