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Fuzhou art region tattooes the skin work

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Fuzhou art region tattooes the skin atelier is founded 1999. By grain embroider bound advanced tattoo the skin instructor An Zuxian gives birth to an organization to found. Belong to domestic prior major to tattoo the skin inn. All and on-the-job tattooist division has good moral character and solid art strength.   likes ceaseless innovation and breakthrough. Our principle and tenet are: Safe, wholesome, sincere letter, serious, elegant, exquisite. Use Japan and the tattoo device that the United States imports, colour and lustre is bright-coloured, incorrect skin causes scar and poisonous side-effect  , easily repair, can bathe after 4 hours (OK and regular job rests) .    is one-time abandon the infection that type put an end to a bacterium with needle and needle mouth, give appropriative rehabilitate to cream, excellent service gets industry and broad client reputably with approbate.
                            manages a project
Cold laser of laser of     of elegant originality tattoo cleans tattoo      to tattoo cover scar      revises unsuccessful tattoo     
   wears annulus puncture     to nod      of coloured drawing or pattern of mole       human body wholesale tattoo the skin    of book of    of picture of    of makings of machine   color recruits student   

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