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Qi Qin exposure of 23 years old of small cummer

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     47 year old Qi Qin, give in recently younger than him cummer of 24 years old is elegant. Although be to forget year love, small nevertheless cummer is elegant elegant active however demand, longing can help Qi Qin give birth to the child next year, neat instead the Qin Dynasty has what the dot hesitates to express again Lv.  
      occupies report of Hong Kong bright newspaper, qi Qin and elegant elegant secret already society 3 years, although cummer has 23 years old only, but very considerate to neat Qin Que, qi Qin and domestic elder sister pleased in small gigantic egg begin sings meeting reason to rehearse cheek by jowl together one case, she gives water to wipe sweat beside, she shows the life daily life of male friend resembles a child instead. Elegant elegant say, have no had wanted to want book of one first wedding anniversary, more say two people get along joy is good, she wants to give birth to a child for the other side only.  

     is elegant elegant love Qi Qin very much really, everybody " look " reach, because of,be she ancient word " neat " word grain is in hind neck, but the mark of the handler company that she explains to this is she and neat Qin Chengli. Qi Yu criterion is withheld somewhat to the little brother's new sweetheart, she says not quite as ripe as the other side, nevertheless marriage is the individual's the fate brings lovers together, friend is decided by the other side.