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Osmund osmund " the man is installed " broken measure appears " tattoo the skin

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To this < man is installed > film experience, osmund osmund did not give authority on tribal case premonitory over- , reason actually very simple, &nbsp mixes all filming to cross < man to install > female actor or artist is same, concern is become piece measure, if oneself accept the fluky psychology that makes this thing silent go very hard,holding in the arms in awaiting a photograph to appear in the magazine that momently ^^^^^
    this theme is very special - - " tattooes the skin " , film < has looked to prick green > before, like a word inside very much: Blueness of a thorn is a story that remember to the end of one's life, want to do a person that has a story all the time, but accompany a friend a few times to tattoo the skin the experience with inn black thorn lets me flinch, the curiosity that this theme can let my small satisfaction be stupefied by " cowardly " really, listen to originality the editor of this theme tells me, if did not see me, likelihood this theme died young really, acknowledgment god helps sb to fulfill his wishes the " that this happiness has mystery extremely again pricks green " , also thank him to let me become the important trait that achieves this " to prick green " . . .
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