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"Qing Chun daughter " beautiful sex appeal of Sun Yizhen naked back tattooes the

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In new network on December 21 but   Korea is in when Gong Mingxing Sun Yizhen new piece " without guard against city " in, change the Qing Dynasty of adjacent home girl is pure former days figure, piece perform vicious people beauty, get attention fully. Be in just in the prevue of exposure, she is bolder dew back, beautiful give sex appeal to tattoo the skin, showed attractive lumbar curve.  

According to sports Korea report, in " without guard against city " in prevue, sun Yizhen reveals him to Jin Mingmin from the waist outspread the name that goes up to coxal lumbar place is " 1000 eyes " (transliteration) tattoo the skin, him proof is the head that pick a pocket organizes.

     " without guard against city " will on January 10, 2008 first show.