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The love of small shellfish hot younger sister tattooes

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Female story tells Jin Tongyu to also be not told, the conjugate of appearance of male talented woman always lets a person feel good. Although had been " old couple " , danbei digests the central issue that Chinese Mu and Victoria are media attention as before, especially a bit on their body changes, do not escape to cross the eye of people.  

Had looked " escape from prison " the tattooist that the friend affirms pair of leading role bodies to go up is impressive, the hero grain that the landform with giant daedal jail is divided high by us completely was in on the body, shellfish overcomes the grain   of Chinese Mu
Personally, enough also man, no matter be the character on arm, the angel on is carried on the back after, the art word on the waist, have the implied meaning each, or for the son, or to be the same as the love between hot younger sister, hot younger sister is explicit also, the media before this catchs the starlet that patted a waist to go up to tattoo the skin, also be to part the sex appeal of appearance.  

Convert American large alliance certainly from Xiaobei oneself, on press Spanish media also was take-overed by American media it seems that, " Hollywood " sent hot younger sister a group of newest photographs, among them a piece very seductive, after the neck with hot fine younger sister, have a brand-new tattooist, according to the analysis of media, this is the impress that hot younger sister is the same as a boat for testimony and small Bei Fengyu and stays. Be asked this question, hot younger sister also is to smile, those who look piece, a minute of special happiness is written early went up " shellfish elder brother's wife " face.  

Actually, xiaobei and hot younger sister as public character, sports of over or across and fashionable circle, natural more offend an eye, jealous with look lively look is absent a few, a few red are heard also often the star that two focuses leave patronage. Marriage can all the time hold together lives, xiaobei and hot younger sister made a lot of effort, I wish did not come in American day, xiaobei and hot younger sister are OK the test of Hollywood of be able to bear or endure, the love that continues to be happiness is done " Dai Yan " .

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