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Euramerican one mad player

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     says a truth, " Tartarean door: London " (Hellgate: London) it is a good network game really.
The game function with a lot of     , group of solid research and development, let it have no less than " dark black destroy a god 2 " fine quality. Because this is in what Euramerican area caused numerous player to chase after,also hold in both hands, although this game has not enter formal operation in America, nevertheless, at present already the player was in the Logo grain of this game oneself hind on the back.
The practice with brave to this kind     , we can say only, this player has love too to this game, and it is absolutely love. Whether can this kind of frantic activity cause the player that is fond of other sport to make similar move?
     issues a net to swim to be in the network game list that we are familiar with probably, probably the player that if visit is,the next makes is you.