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Madrid model caddie tattooes the skin

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The Madrid Great Master with sina sports annual dispatch is surpassed, the most absorbing be afraid is not Great Masters drip with sweat on field the ground is right shake, detonate eyeball truly want to count a side as before a model caddie that beautiful branch chaos quivers. Begin from 2004, madrid master game is this " raise the match to enjoy a level " the practice gets dispute with respect to equipment, in those days this act comes on stage, spanish labor and official of ministry of social general affairs make known his position clearly to object, think this is discrimination female. Nevertheless this act is in as before saliva battle backbone was held out this year, so even if is the most conservative Spaish now, acquiescent also it has become Madrid Great Master to surpass indispensable tradition.

Be in before carrying out arrange of this with one action two years, the model that bears suspicion of competition ground vase people although be gorgeously dressed, but more or less to appear nondescript. To most fan, they are not apparent to the help of tennis match itself, we can remember most time only they are attendant on the act of exceed what is proper. Sa Fen seized for example 2004 when chief, ever encountered this group of sweet colourful stunner " champagne is atttacked " , a Jiaxi also says banteringly to hope their skirt can be bit shorter, because can make adversary abstracted so. Nadaer also washed champagne bath 2005, do not cross model people shake the chest that shake in vain probably more let his remain fresh in one's memory, when year malcontent the accept beans of 20 is gotten by foul smell be flushed. Arrived the situation is a little different 2006, match organizing committee begins force to catch model people immanent long for, use the means of two weeks of concentrated training, let model people study caddie carefully attendant the technology that go up is normative. A little regretful nevertheless is, the model with these subordinate 2006 Hugo Boss people wear unusually conservatively however, relative to the tight condole belt that explodes at before two years of interest the vest is mixed reach genu short skirt, model people covered like image height high school student last year went up orange show solicitude for and white knickers, concave and convex the figure that send is wrapped Yan Yan is solidly, this kind of practice that returns to a tradition is considered as by media overcorrect.

The earning place that sums up the past 3 years is broken, the organizing committee of Madrid master game this year grooms strictly not only model people business technical ability, still make not little reform to their dress. That is all model put on tight low bosom to a string of 1 even body take short skirt, and the waistband of strung black, appear relaxed and keen-witted and capable already so, be helpful for agile on field shift again. The tradition continues as before on this short skirt, the brand that makes Hugo Boss marks, smear is added on the left shoulder of all nevertheless model of Hugo Boss tattoo the skin, appear all the more offend eye and additional kind. It is reported, cent of these short skirt altogether are 5 lubricious departments, among them with pink, shallow La Wei advocate, stays and the facial expression that condole brings are unified with black.
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