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Bosom of     male grand is already special and infrequent, but Bai Da of Canadian A Er saves Aidemengdu Zhan Sen of · of favour of city man Lai not only grand bosom, and return grand must comparative exceptionally, he is not to want denaturation, also not be to think the bosom that lets oneself becomes plumper, because he is to let his actually,the young woman of feeling of one individual character on crus tattooes the skin accepted grand bosom operation!

     occupies a story, laien Zhansen is Canada Aerbaida saves dust heart to cover a city person, he is one itself body art and tattoo the skin the editor of the magazine, love at ordinary times tattoo the skin, for " artistic " the body that nots hesitate to often take oneself even should do an experiment to taste, dou Wen of Johnson whole body is so full all sorts of tattooist, among them on his left leg, grain the sexy young woman that one build wears cap, dress to expose, although the figure of this young woman already lection gets curvilinear exquisite, very plump, but if be broken somewhat,Zhan Sen always feels, always feel the plane of this young woman tattooes the skin insufficient " concave and convex have send " .  

     then not long ago, johnson thought up an unusual idea actually, he comes to place " dinkum body is artistic " company, the sexy young woman that asks cloth of this company boss to bilk En Daike to be his leg ministry carried out grand bosom operation. Although Dai Ke feels thought unimaginably queer of Zhan Sen, but he still agrees to carry out this one eccentric grand for Zhan Sen pectoral operation. Whole operation lasted 45 minutes, dai Ke undertook local anaesthesia for Zhan Sen, dissectioned on his crus together small mouth, tattoo the skin ministry of crus of Johnson of silica gel infuse next the bosom position of young woman, the grand of sexy young woman that goes up for Johnson crus gave a pair of plump chest.  

The sexy young woman that      Zhan Sen sees left leg go up tattooes the skin eventually from " wave Ping Rujing " become exquisite is concave and convex, feel special satisfaction. "Grand bosom " the anguish that the Zhan Sen after does not feel too big and inconvenience, he just has a kind to as if on the leg " bump gave a silt to hurt " feeling.