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Tattoo the skin when marriage give up - pass green jade to hold filar Paris high

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Green jade holds silk high (Beyonce Knowles) be passed in Paris to marry! American media covers, male friend of she and gabby singer outstanding this (Jay-Z) go vacationing to France at the beginning of the month, celebrate unripe divine spirit not to know ground illicit to decide for him lifelong, replace marriage give up in order to tattoo the skin, personification totem thorn is on each other ring finger.  
American website covers, 4 days are outstanding this 38 years old of birthday, he and green jade hold silk high to go vacationing to romantic French Paris celebrate unripe, hold diminutive illicit close wedding. With her extremely close family friend expresses, their rebel against orthodoxy develops originality, change love thorn blueness, thorn is reasonable should cover on on the ring finger of marriage give up. The whole world of pace of Ceng Du that releases this information covers first " become warped buttock precious " Zhennifuluopei thises be pregnant, Arthur boy marriage, this website alleges affirmatory green jade holds silk high already was outstanding this wife.  
Man ring finger pricks green  

American new York is returned after they end secret holiday 4 days, be patted in the airport to her left hand is inserted artificially in the jeans pocket that stretchs tight closely from beginning to end, it seems that the more what one tries to hide, outstanding Si Zelou gave left hand ring finger, be like the thorn like small snake really blueness is pointing to on.
26 years old of green jade hold silk and love of outstanding Si Lian high nearly 5 years, he is the gold that social status makes an appointment with money of 17.8 billion yuan of stages  husband, she wants to marry him very long, ever wrote a song to divulge in special " if male friend does not want me, a person of extraordinary powers of my big diamond, seaside curtilage   was done not have " wait for complex enmity Fu. Look at eye musical circle, the fate of the marring too early of song female singer such as precious graceful Jackson is very cruel, hope green jade holds silk high unapt " happy second is killed " .