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Tattoos pierced ears can not tie into the army

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Bar pierced ears, body tattoo, a scar on the skin will become soldiers of the "stumbling block." Yesterday, Anshan City, conscription medical examination first to work in the province. Examination on the first day, 200 enlisted city of Anshan City MTR Eastern youth in the Second People's Hospital (formerly the Commercial Hospital) for a medical examination. The conscription examination include internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, thoracic, laboratory, psychological testing, 10, of which the Central Guards Regiment soldiers imposed a new increase of syphilis testing program. Liu Sumei MTR Eastern Hospital, said the second year, the overall quality of manpower resources better than in previous years, but some details of the issues young people often do not pay attention to recruitment, such as bar pierced ears, eye pattern, cigarette burns and other skin examination are not considered when qualified. In addition, psychological tests this year will be united in one version, is no longer sub-junior and senior high school edition version. A total of conscription examination this winter city of Anshan, Haicheng City, Taian, Xiuyan four medical stations, medical stations on the first day total of 500 candidates youth to participate in medical examinations. Work will be this year's conscription examination ended Nov. 5.