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Concern: to tattoo laser shaping effective

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Many beauty who like tattoos on his body, but with the current changes, a lot of people want to remove tattoos. Recently, studies have shown that laser shaping effective to tattoos, and good effect. How the laser tattoo removal, cosmetic surgeon from? Today, we invited experts in laser shaping, shaping the laser shaping expert for you on how to tattoo. Fashion so the tattoo is to have each person unique, so each person's treatment plan will be different. Tattoo removed before the patients received laser treatment is also suitable. Not through other methods and remedies may be effective tattoo removal laser shaping good response to treatment, provided that prior to treatment did not cause too much scarring. Eliminate the laser shaping principle is broken tattoo pigment, and then be swallowed or other means of phagocytosis absorption. Really good treatment of patients with pigment from the slice is too small for the naked eye can see can not see it out. Many people worry about complications, in fact, a doctor by professional problems is unlikely. Generally likely to have a white pigment or pigment darken the problem, so insurance is to compare experimental treatment, first the energy to play a few different points, Behold a few weeks later a kind of energy most suitable for observation. Small tattoo requires less time beating, large tattoos require a greater number. Each case, the tattoo should be treated several times before they can fully recover. Each treatment, the tattoo will be a little lighter some. The treatment was over, the affected area to use ice pack to cool the affected area. Will then ask patients topical antibiotic foam or ointment. Need to wrap or bandage, such as the sun, use your sun shield cover the affected area. In addition to shaping the side effects of laser tattoo small tattoo the site of treatment but the site must pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection. If the tattoo is not completely removed, a small number of cases would be left with permanent scars. Cosmetic tattoos, such as the lip, eyebrow line and the liner changed due to the laser and deep, but further treatment will solve the problem. Technology is developed, laser tattoo effect to increased scarring risk is small. Laser plastic surgery than other traditional methods safer and more effective.