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Conscription medical examination to the best hospitals in Guangzhou tattoo

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The best hospitals in Guangzhou tattoo go? Conscription examination began, each November 1 to December 31 only, is the country's winter recruiting season, it is learned that recently, the best hospitals in Guangzhou, tattoo removal has become a lot wash Demand for network consultants tattoo is the word frequency. Laser Beauty Center, Guangzhou Modern Hospital, get rid of tattoos have more than usual, especially the young men get rid of the tattoo. As the saying goes: "a good man, to be a soldier! "Every positive, the pursuit of lofty ideals of men, all have a lingering dream of the green brigade. But during the Sentimental young and naive, for the moment arbitrary Herd pretending to be cool and leave the body the tattoo mark Now has become a stumbling block to realize their dreams, it is a pity. A good man army to go! This is a great opportunity to achieve the ideal. The military is a large school is a melting pot of many people through this school and the cultivation of a large furnace, tempering become useful, "the army a few years, the beneficiary Life, "" the history of life has been a soldier, do not regret a lifetime! "This is the number of successful personal experience. In line with a frame barracks, each youth will be in school, either in the enterprise and other He posts things that are not harvested. However, the conscription medical examination for all the tattoo mark or other illegal personnel, all is not passed. Not only that, the state civil service, university studies and other fields, on the pattern Body also has strict requirements. So, who should make the tattoo a tattoo. Guangzhou tattoo best hospital? Guangzhou in Guangzhou, where tattoo tattoo where is the best? Tattoo to remove it? In this regard, Guangzhou Modern Hospital plastic surgery center cosmetic skin laser expert Li Runqin director, said: "For the best hospitals in Guangzhou tattoo problem, tattoo, in fact, freckle by the most advanced Q-Wang Eurostar laser, tattoo Can be removed, and that we do not have to worry about. " "When I was amused to store street on which are engraved the words in the arm, for many years been unable to wash the tattoo, the beginning did not mind," who lives in Huadu, recently and several friends were walking together to get rid of tattoo Wang Said, "wash the tattoo of the best hospitals in Guangzhou where is good? I want a soldier, wanted since childhood to see a handsome soldier brother's uniform and brighter than the light the way, I am very envious." However, the recent recruitment start, Greece Wang Wang and fellow soldiers found that tattoos can not be a soldier, this began to worry them, want to know where the good tattoo Guangzhou, therefore, making inquiries, to the Guangzhou Modern Hospital plastic surgery cosmetic laser center Want to get rid of tattoos. The original, recently, into the country during the compulsory recruitment into the armed forces, more and more young people to take part, but there are some young people because the previous tattoo is blocked in the conscription outside, get rid of tattoos, entered the army, as he Came to the Guangzhou Modern Hospital Laser Beauty reasons. "Get rid of the tattoo is not difficult, is a very simple skin care treatment program," the Guangzhou Modern Hospital Laser Beauty skin care expert Li Runqin director said, "is divided into the superficial layer of human skin epidermis and the following Dermis, which can be quickly updated the epidermis off, the dermis does not. When the tattoo pigment are generally implanted in the dermal layer, which is permanent and can not go away. Although the traditional method of tattoo removal can be Get rid of tattoos, but the damage to the skin, leaving scars, such as chemical etching, heat light burning method, liquid nitrogen freezing, skin abrasion method, etc. Although these traditional methods eliminate mechanical tattoos, the skin form of Into the injury, not pretty. " Currently, the Guangzhou Modern Hospital Laser Center for the introduction of the United States the most advanced wash to stain the king freckle tattoos Eurostar Q-Laser, wash the tattoo, not only the effective and complete, but no trace no scars, beautiful nature, is considered As is currently the best method of tattoo removal. Recommended reading: Digital three-dimensional laser speckle, strong resolve tattoo spots. Eurostar Q-principle of laser light-induced burst, the use of the laser emission of high energy efficient instant smash, and get rid of body skin pigment, the rapid expansion of the corresponding pigment group and transient heat blast fragmentation, most or all of the skin pigment groups Immediately pop up in vitro, part of the dermal pigment groups can be fragmented into the human body macrophages of the small particles, upon phagocytosis by macrophages, and ultimately the human body through the lymphatic system circulating the body. Skin tattoo will gradually Fades until it disappears, while the surrounding normal skin does not absorb the fixed wavelength of the laser so almost no damage, works well, is a good choice for tattoo removal. According to Li Runqin experts introduced Eurostar Q-Laser beauty equipment, not only can effectively eliminate the tattoo, but also for pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigment of pigmentation and the formation of traumatic pigmentation, such as the Species of mole, spot: Ota, Ito hemorrhoids, Mongolian spot, brown blue nevus zygomaticus, coffee spots, seborrheic keratosis, nevus, junctional nevus and other effective treatment. Guangzhou Modern Hospital Laser Beauty Center Q-Star by European Laser Treatment of a number of cases of large giant nevus cases, achieved good results. Li Runqin Director concluded cautioned, "get rid of tattoos and other skin pigmentation problems, the doctor swap Q's skilled use of the laser operation is very important, please choose the regular medical institutions and experienced doctor." Want to agitate the green camps, youthful enthusiasm, forging their own lofty ideals you, how can be shut out because the small tattoo? No kind of life is more than a soldier's life without regrets, Zhuanghuai shock Fen. Select the camp, is to choose the responsibility and honor, each youth must be filled with enthusiasm, strong mission, the courage to stand up and accept the motherland review!