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Star tattoos a lot of trouble more than personality

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Star tattoo love to come and go in different distinction between themselves and others, but it should also pay attention to the tattoo art that you talk to a Suansha, some star tattoo is really very funny. Choice of patterns is very important, do not let the rough outdated tattoo accidentally revealed your "bad taste." Xiaobian for you to collect a group of young stars intestines regret the failure of tattoo photos, Check it out. Beckham will play Xiangjiao Qiu, but he did not know Sanskrit. His left forearm tattoo of Victoria's name, the results incorrectly spelled it "Vihctoria". "I will not so stupid then to the man's name tattooed body." Angelina Jolie says of her former 夫比利鲍伯桑 pattern with the name of Dayton. They divorced in this tattoos wash off after, but there are as many as 12 on her tattoo. Johnny Depp and 薇诺娜赖德 (Winona Ryder) engagement shoulders pattern when a line of words "Winona forever" (Winona Forever). After they broke up he will be the tattoo to "always drunk" (Wino Forever). This time much better. Britney Spears exposed buttocks at the top of a tattoo, but she was another near the neck may not be so proud of the tattoo. Because of the cult of Kabbalah, the pop star pattern on the Hebrew where the "new era." Lol, Unfortunately, the sequence of letters wrong. Spears now has washed off of these meaningless letters.