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TATTOO tattooes the skin design: Batty

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TATTOO tattooes the skin design: Batty

The mysterious animal that night of hot season of this kind of day gives bat also is a kind when see more quite in tattooist design, general tattooist lover is auspicious the position of the waist after liking a batty grain to be mixed in humeral head, bladebone, clavicle, and most person compares a preference at realistically sketch or be out of shape the totem, and chromatic bat design is compared commonly scarce. The person that selects batty design commonly thinks bat is to representing a kind of mysterious He Ruizhi, and quick action and eye.

One word of ” of birds and beasts of commonly used “ comes people appearance is avian with beasts, but this kind of view sometimes not certain however correct, because syncretic of a few birds won't fly, wait like penguin of ostrich, emu, a few peace keeping; Also have a few beasts likewise and can not go, if live in the whale in ocean kind wait, and batty kind not only won't be in the ground to go up in that way like beasts of general Liu Qi, can resemble however avian and same fly in sky. Batty kind it is the beasts that can fly exclusively truly, although they are done not have avian in that way feather and wing, flight competence also is gotten than avian difference much, but its forelimb very develop, the upper arm, antebrachium, metacarpal, phalange is particularly long, prop up by them remove thin and bushy, reach the soft and tough skin film between the tail to side of humeral, body, hind legs from phalange extreme, form hand of batty and distinctive ala of aircraft official — . Chinese ancient time also says about the account at bat they also live in bell breast hole, be called celestial being rat, because the bat over there can drink the water in the hole to get immortal, their body color also had tremendous change after chiliad, became the whole body from customary dark facial expression snow-white, I think this is why they are called the reason of celestial being rat.

To Hesperian, bat is a kind of awful creature. Because they are strange appearance not raise and the characteristics that night goes, always make the person feels terrible, the original intention of the name in foreign language is the meaning of coltish mice. As a kind of nightly animal, it can symbolize the subconscious content that concerns with inchoate creation sex experience. Additional on one hand, the wisdom of batty OK also and indicative intuition. Because of bat need not eye, can fly in darkness, this can symbolize instinctive. But be in our country, word of “ bat ” and word of “ blessing ” are unisonant, because this is in Chinese eye, bat is not the demons and monsters that Hesperian place thinks, symbolizing however happy, be in what folk still can get people to love so, its figure the picture is on New Year picture. But, wear in western from mouth to mouth the fokelore that bat is bloodsucker, this kind of fokelore also passed China through literary work, so sometimes the thing that batty delegate sucks blood. So batty it is blessing after all it is disaster, still should seeing him person that tattoo the skin is how look upon understands.
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