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Have totem of legend colorific phoenix to tattoo the skin

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In so much tattoo the skin in design, I feel to have a totemic pattern that has legend colour and certain culture background particularly------Phoenix, be must special introduction.

On common sense for, phoenix returns for avian, because its have flowery feather. But, because phoenix seems bird of bird and rather than, be like have and nothing, it is aeriform without the shadow, the manage ” that be “ form and goes up; is not the “ look that affection has shape, true to life and the content ” below. Phoenix is a kind of totem symbolizes only, it is the idea with a kind of indicative lucky nobility, worldly and essential nonexistent a kind of such birds.

Phoenix is regarded as divine bird in ancient totem times and grant to adore. It is people envisages primitive society to protect an expression mediumly, those who pass figure gradually perfect evolution and come. Phoenix early appears in the totem, it is the mark of abundant nation. " The Book of Songs " in say: “ destiny black bird, fall and give birth to business ” . Xuan Diao's figure is similar swallow, follow the ceaseless development of clannish tribe and confluence later, xuan Diao evolved to have cockscomb, crane gradually sufficient the phoenix with peacock tail. Phoenix is considered as lark in the most exalted person, the king in be a bird (although she is dummy) , lark says toward Feng Zhi. In thought configuration of the Chinese, “ phoenix ” is the most important in fokelore from of old lucky and magical content, allegedly phoenix can the second birth in fire, he Jixiang of indicative happiness, ability and wisdom. Show in people today the figure of the phoenix before, already was to count chiliad to come the crystallization of progressively evolution. It generalized the Chinese nation to form highly, the history of shirt-sleeve, development, to modelling, edify nation disposition is producing main effect, its itself condenses and send contain the Chinese nation is strenuous up, doughty and tough great mind.

The west has the myth of phoenix Nie huge rock, that is symbolizing with phoenix namely life, vigor and passion. Phoenix also gives Chinese myth a few very classical fokelore and old practice, because its have the implied meaning of good fortune as one wishes, reason a lot of females tattoo the skin lover also is to like to tattoo the skin this very the totem. Phoenix tattooes the skin the implied meaning indicates flowery and conspicuous, the meaning of Wang Zhe of individual disposition female, the proposal wants to show self-confidence and different glamour you are OK and bold the tattooist that tries this to have legend charm extremely design.