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Have fall the King Kong beetle of implied meaning of demon disappear calamity ta

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King Kong beetle [click enlarge]

When people more and more invocatory and restful, yearning and gentle when easy and comfortable happiness lives, meaning of a few instruct is lucky, flexibly, pray blessing, avoid the design of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is tattooed the skin gradually lover people more depict arrived on his body, in order to is achieved get restful and lucky and the purpose that enhances self-confidence. Sum up not difficult discovery, using more extensive design matter with buddhism almost. From Buddhist character the divine animal in myth arrives the Buddhist musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass in reality, without one exception all shows the light of Buddhist mystery fully, be in especially east state is be current more. The design on the picture hides one of commonly used musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass in passing buddhism namely, ” of beetle of “ King Kong.

King Kong beetle is called ” of “ treasure beetle, “ to fall again demon beetle ” , “ beetle ” , the earliest a kind of weapon that is archaic India. Because quality of a material is solid, can checkmate all sorts of material, so coronal the name with King Kong. In teaching closely, king Kong beetle is indicative break destroys vexed bodhi heart, be all honour the stage property that run thing or writes a law, the Zhu Zundou of King Kong ministry that at graceful a bitter edible plant Luo Hai meets hold hold King Kong beetle. True words and deeds person often also carry row, because this beetle is indicative,be of Buddha King Kong probably wisdom, can do away with I crazy covet inside demon and outside the demon barrier such as the path. Indian ancient time is fabulous, have the celestial being of an admire cheese, the bone after he is dead turned King Kong into bone, shi Tian of the Supreme Being uses its make it King Kong beetle serves as enginery. Buddhism teachs closely be represented with it solid and sharp wisdom, can break except trouble, except devil, accordingly its represent Buddha wisdom, sky gender, true be like, wisdom.

King Kong beetle has alone, three-ply, 5, 9, general with 5 see for how, its material can use gold, silver-colored, copper, iron, stone, crystal character, go wood of Tuo Luo Mu, white Tan Mu, rosewood, but multi-purpose now brass (the alloy of copper and zinc) cast. The beetle form of ” of beetle of “ King Kong, also contain a lot of special contents among them. Say according to secret ministry ancient codes and records: One cobalt () indicative “ alone —— of one law group ” of group of one true law. 3 cobaltic watches show ” of “ body, mouth, meaning 3 close equality. 5 cobalt express “ 5 wisdom 5 Buddha ” . Beetle of original King Kong is most advanced very keen, but the elapse as the times, king Kong beetle shows formalization gradually, and the King Kong beetle that uses now, it is smallish, blunt clumsy and not keen, tattoo the skin commonly so the is contemporary King Kong beetle mostly look that sees in the graph.
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