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The tattooist that what is dragon tattooes the skin design library

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Chinese dragon culture, up and down 8000, the history is long the source is far and flow long. The figure of dragon is more thorough each corners to the society, the culture influence of dragon is affecting each levels, much appearance is colorful, thorough popular feeling. Dragon is the Chinese nation is indicative, each Chinese people is dragon send a person.

In archaic myth fokelore, the mankind is build with loess by female Wa come out, female Wa created the mankind, of whose creation is so female Wa? General view, female Wa should be created by the nation of totem of snake of the earliest serve. Anguine totem also is a kind of very primitive belief, and among the figure that the design of anguine totem often also appears in female Wa, what distributing at the same time is very extensive also. The figure of dragon is a kind of culture that evolves by primitive snake totem. The traceable The Neo-lithic Age of Chinese dragon. People is in pair of nature adore, at the good will of golden harvests, in the heart creation comes out one kind uses eye of head having a horse, antler, hare, tiger the divine animal of the feature such as end of claw of body of tine, Niu Er, snake, scale, eagle, fish, gift its shifty, the superhuman strength of make trouble.

Although one continuous line is a kind of single figure only, but the development as Chinese the ancients, also begin what trace the pattern of dragon to have imagination more, those who pass chiliad is ceaseless evolve, blend each other with the culture of each nation, the figure of dragon spread everywhere to north and south of the Yangtse River. The design of dragon also is early is applied tattoo the skin above, can be the equipment that tattooes the skin before and technology very finite, thinking what prick the design of dragon is careful and stereo is impossible, more never mention it natural and smooth writing, lifelike. Bring about so still a lot of people talk about dragon color to change now, feel dragon is very the design of common, machine-made. Actually otherwise, according to present technology, basically can achieve wanted result, add tattoo the skin the understanding of the dragon with right division, to the depict of the configuration of dragon, long Ye is the design with most change.

Grain the design of a dragon, although the head of dragon is important very, but I feel the body of dragon is more important part, a lot of people are met oversight this, the body of dragon is very chief, want curly move to be shown in the body above, so of dragon body go situation should fluent, tuck diveseethe gives every point of view of dragon body, can see 360 degrees dragon body, body allowing a surname can see circular effect. What the tattooist of dragon does is bigger can show its careful detail share more, also can have powerful shock force. Think grain so the tattooist of a dragon, wanting paid time, money, ache also is the issue that should consider beforehand. If if you are interested in Chinese traditional culture,I feel, might as well experience Chinese dragon, after all we are dragon send a person.
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