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The ghost of the be envious of in Japanese fokelore is like like tattooes the sk

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Now nowadays, the eye shot of people is opener and opener, acceptance thing is increasing also. Take tattoo the skin for, the age of the person that tattoo the skin distributings wider and wider, the trade that the person that tattoo the skin pursues also almost include all trades and professions. The place that when people tattooes the skin, chooses, and design is to have new idea more and more. Original we see have tattooist person, the man is big Long Dahu commonly, budda avalokitesvara resembles waiting a moment, the woman tattooes the skin is some of carelessly that spend a flower, butterfly flyer of what, so that a few person flaunt the tattooist of individual character quite later will be a little repellent,these are returned to be the design of ” of brand of “ old society. Then, as if between one night, the design on people body more do sth unconventional or unorthodox rise, eliminate maintains restful pattern on behalf of good fortune as one wishes before outside, a lot of people chose devil when choosing design. In amazed, more feel additional kind beautiful glamour.

Speak of the classic pattern in tattooing the skin, have to carry with respect to this famous kind was like! Garment of her body drape a band of red silk over sb's shoulders, the figure is lithe and graceful, grew a piece of very atrocious ghost area alone only. Tighten knitted brows, deep sunken the eye socket that go in, there are two strange parts on the top of head, protuberant eye is general like cupreous bell, sinister in appearance appearance protects green-faced and long-toothed-terrifying in appearance to let you let eye do not forget definitely. According to legend this is a kind of phantom in Japanese fokelore, exacter saying should be one kind is complained clever. Because the woman envies strongly,be allegedly complain read aloud formation Ahriman, the woman that is beauty became evil spirit because of jealousy (the woman is very terrible) . By the atrocious evil spirit that the wraith place that be jealous of complains changes. It is in all the time hate, it that is poisonous red-eyed hide in darkness forever, wait for one's chance burns geminate married couple the ravages of war that heats the refute that become a class. A lot of people repair buddhist to to pursuit mind body departs and sit, acid is, divine body depart is not the state that the wisdom of buddhist just can reach certainly. Original, jealousy and resentment, also can do.

The friend has asked me, like “ if heart classics ” is like to have like ” and “ to if what heart classics ” is like to have like ” and “ ,concern? Actually, ” and buddhism are like like the “ here " kind the classics that be like a heart " ” is like like the “ in is not a meaning---” is like like Buddhist “ is the wisdom that points to Buddha, and here is those who say a female ghost is facial, denotive the photograph ” that is “ anger, actually mainer is the “ envious ” that should show a woman. If if you understand a fault the meaning can want this to remember well, must not be in with your tattooist division communicates a fault, can bad idea, grain became wrong spirit.
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