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Lucky bright and beautiful carp tattooes the skin design introduction

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Lucky bright and beautiful carp [click enlarge]

The carp is one of pattern that there is a delegate quite in traditional thorn blueness, be to comparative inside Asian each country at first get gay a kind of lucky animal. The indicative sense of the carp is very much, because more than ” of the pronunciation of “ fish ” and “ is unisonant, have balance on behalf of this meeting. The pronunciation of “ carp ” and “ benefit ” are identical, so the carp also uses the accrual in indicative business and profit. The meal of the eve of the lunar New Year when the Chinese's tradition spends the New Year must want to have a fish, this also represents big Ji Dali of the coming year in the home, the business that hopes one year is like running water alive, can assemble arrives the saving. Not only such, the fish uses an explanation extensively also to say geomanticly, can enrol blessing of money, action, still can block calamity, avoid disaster.

Actually, about Yu Li the fish circulates most extensive fokelore is the story of ” of door of dragon of “ carp fish dive, the carp that fokelore crosses dragon door is OK and reincarnate for dragon, remain a carp without what cross conversely. So ” of door of dragon of “ carp fish dive often is used to the analogy is mixed through indefatigable effort struggle, the position that changes oneself after all scores a success, create miraculous person. Often use appearance in ancient time, after passing cold window mug, scholarly honour and official rank of pass an entrance examination walks into the person of official circles.

Carp design also is among thorn blueness very cultured, bodily form jumps over big head to exceed a top, the body is jumped over greatly more full. Color is OK wait with gules, aureate, black, I specific feel complete is the be fond of that should treat an individual …… design head but face go up or gadarene, again tie-in sail upstream billow or lotus can make a carp more vivid. Look at carp freedom to wander between the skin, swing as the movement of the body it seems that like rising.