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Tattoo the skin design introduction: Pray blessing enrols money cat

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Tattoo the skin design introduction: Pray blessing enrols money cat

There are a lot of works in tattooing the skin is the pattern that has Japanese traditional color, the ability law that is the art pricking blueness as a result of Japan on one hand and attainment had reached top level and good compositive component has been admitted and follow the lead of, also be on the other hand what show as a result of different district culture place is another kind of amorous feelings that find everything new and fresh, so, the tattooist of Japan with type style design also is forming a kind of mainstream slowly. And Japanese caricature also enjoys great reputation quite on the world, the creation thinking that gives priority to a problem with Japanese cartoon character so also is absent a few. Knead added up to Japanese tradition to draw style and design of delicate caricature colorific try to innovate, this is planted and the design of type style is being mixed by the appreciation of increasing person love, lovely humourous enrols money kitten is among them one of.

Speak of to enrol money cat I want to should do not have a person to be able to not know it, the bub of a lovely foolish foolish, a claw is raised high, another is being held in the arms in the bosom greatly gold coin, pay the appearance that show pleasant smiles. The metropolis in a lot of businessmen and residence has its sign, because of it lovely, more because of it lucky. It is a such lovely and lucky bub won countless people love!

The river before fokelore is very long door what the times has a for generations to be course of study in order to catch cloth is familial the house after making jump over, they are in at that time is house distinguished family. Later, do not like to be in business because of the little host of the house after jumping over, not be all the day gamble even if the amuse oneself of feline Mi small jade with him, family circumstances comes gradually downfallen. This thing also is become to make the sign of idle talk spare time of at one's leisure by neighbour, but this little host does not care completely however, still say even: Did the house after is “ jumped over fall quickly? ! It is good that that is maintained with post! ” chamberlain often persuades him: “ little host! You a Zu Liezong of the house after how not let sb down jumps over this appearance now? ” stewards every time say this word, the little host of the house after jumping over is very impatient, always still say to small jade: “ small jade! Is the story that red-crowned crane pays a debt of gratitude previously? Small jade also can take some of money, yes? Small jade! The house after ” is jumped over later fell really, creditor people search in succession come to come, the door, window ground are taken away, the little host of the house after jumping over is penniless really. Steward to persuade him to say again at this moment: “ little host! You must display vigour a bit, since Xian Zuke in order to build up from nothing, we also are OK come again from the beginning! The house after ” did not think of to jump over holds a kitten in the arms to laughing to say actually: “ small jade! Didn't you forget our agreement? Go taking some of gold coin to come! ” small jade hesitated to go away slowly ……
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