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Buddhist word lotus: Tattoo the skin design introduction

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Often be in tattoo the skin a few ancient time character like the picture can see in design, do not understand the implication that it is what thing and it after all at first, always feel mysterious. Admiring dare not touch easily however touch, for fear that offends inadvertently its contraindication, speak bodeful. But in fact, it won't bring bad thing to you not only, and the idea that still has good fortune as one wishes truly, this is the language with archaic general buddhism---Ancient Sanskrit.

The standard that Sanskrit is archaic India is written language, it is northwest India formerly the language of genteel knowledge class, the folk adage that uses at common folk place relatively, call elegant signal again. Our country and Japan think this kind of language is Buddhist day (of Hinduism advocate one of gods) the fokelore that builds, call it again so Sanskrit. Inchoate Sanskrit be conveyed without certain written language, the written language that once had used includes an old woman body of covered with clouds of much article of Lu Wen of Luomiwen, 佉 , Ji, all. Arrived 12 centuries, the position that day city system is Sanskrit just by establish, nowadays publishs the written language that Buddhist uses originally, can call ” of system of “ day city, be with 7 centuries when in India produces font of that division profit to be a foundation, develop what to 11 centuries establish comes down to suit written script. Buddhist east when be being passed to China and Japan, together will Buddhist abracadabra (Japan calls true talk) pass to Sino-Japanese two countries, and the script that writes abracadabra is body of all covered with clouds more, sino-Japanese two countries is so current still already body of unused all covered with clouds, regard expression as the character of Buddhist character. Actually, the character with archaic India current place has a lot of kinds, the written language that book letter derives Fan Youfan and becomes, the covered with clouds that be like all, all can call Buddhist word.

It is in the Sanskrit with not much amount to, quite by everybody hep, and the commonnest in tattoo the skin should saying is familiar to the ear can the 6 words true word of detailed. It is word of Cang Chuanfo given name, the “ that is ministry of Buddhist and secret lotus allegedly is essential true character ” . “ buzzing ” , express ” of heart of “ Buddha ministry, when reading aloud this word, from already the body wants to answer at Buddha body, the mouth wants to answer at Buddha mouth, meaning should answer Yu Foyi, think personally, mouth, meaning and Buddha become an organic whole, ability scores success; “ ” , sanskrit meaning is “ flexibly treasure ” , express ” of heart of “ treasure ministry, head of the Dragon King of this treasure out is allegedly medium, if get this treasure bead, enter the sea to be able to not get together without treasure, hill can be not gotten without precious on, call “ to get together again so treasure ” ; “ Mi ” , sanskrit meaning is “ lotus ” , express ” of heart of “ lotus ministry, like comparing law sex to be like lotus with this, chasteness is too busy; “ moo ” , express ” of heart of ministry of “ King Kong, the meaning of invocatory achievement, means must lean the power of Buddha, ability gets “ is becoming aware ” , accomplish everything, general crosses all living creatures, achieve the desire of Buddha finally.
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