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The meaning of design of body of Sha Wen of elephantine godhood Nie

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Often the client asks me: “ grain the design of what appearance is significant ” ? This problem replies very hard really. This wants what he adores devotionally and be fond of is defined to be opposite according to the individual. From ancient up to now people is worn with respect to the depict on the body a significant design, till now, a lot of trendy mankinds that holding belief are met get on the mythological character depict that adore and loves in the body.

In India, the animal that elephant dispute often is loved by people, also be strong, force, long life and symbolize knowledgeably. And the elephantine god of guardianship elephant also won people at the same time most dutiful respect.

Having the person's body like godhood Nie sand, the head of elephant and greatly abdomen, the likelihood is the half god that identifies the most easily. The modelling that resembles a god each different, or station, or sit, or place all sorts of poses, on happy elephantine face one pair of eyes look at ahead continuously continuously. We can see him above the picture sometimes, hold feather pen and palmy leaf, because he holds the position of Weiyasa,that is of Dai Wa lection is clerical, account quite the document of one part. He has an ivory only in the picture, and sometimes we can see, a paragraph of ivory is being grasped in a hand in 4 his hands. There is hatchet of a short handle in another his hand, inside a few ancient codes and records account, short handle hatchet is to be used chop go of illusion and mistake teach. The gesture that makes like another magical hand place is meant respectively mix bravely comfort. He still is taking the prod of cattle of a pleasant, a kind that when use with respect to the member that think example is resembled, this kind of goad is indicative Geniesha emphasizes correct training and discipline of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine. He still has what take in the hand only is a lariat that uses uniform wild animal, symbolic move should dominate passion and the desire that arise by concupiscence. People still can see sometimes, the elephant is taking sweetmeats in magical hand, allegedly he likes sweet food very much, what change because of this abdomen is very big.

Still have an interesting fokelore about resembling magical origin. After spirit of wet woman of according to legend leaves home one day, the wife of wet woman spirit is delivered of Geniesha namely, because Geniesha is of the god child, after be born, grow very strong, the wife of wet woman spirit wants to bathe one day, call a son outer expect, do not let alien peep. Before long wet woman spirit comes home came, see a lofty and brilliant boy stands in the doorway, thinking by accident is wife is stealing husband, very rusty, call Geniesha get out of the way, but the entrust that case Nie Sha Jian observes a mother, do not let open a way stoutly. Father and son 2 people were hit because of misunderstanding, wet woman spirit actually not enemy son, in the heart very rusty, use trickery, one knife throws the head of next sons, accordingly body head different is in Geniesha. The wife of wet woman spirit hears hubbub at this moment, go out in light of, see the husband throws the head of next sons only, cry loudly. Right now wet woman spirit just knows err finishs sth affection. To redeem by the son of own manslaughter, he goes god of beg adjoin wet slave, god of adjoin wet slave tells him, the way that will explain toward him tomorrow only goes, the first seeing live thing throws his head below, on the neck that installs Geniesha, can make Geniesha renascent. According to of wet woman spirit goes doing, the result is touched the first times those who go up is elephant. Then he took the head of elephant, put on the son's body, from now on the Palladium that Geniesha turns an elephant into about of tribal chief body, and the character and morals like owning elephant, strong, intelligent and genial fine.
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