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We see      the V3 of Motolora once had given aureate edition and pink edition, the name place that does obeisance to V3 is granted, got everybody pays close attention to extensively really. The staff member of Motolora is in now " brains storm " the plan that new make big profits with a small capital forged again in the activity -- not be of course what mind is changed on the function, and it is the exterior merely as before -- add laser to etch to V3 " tattoo the skin " .  

     tattooes the skin this the V3 interest of edition is not little, of Miami of its out United States famous tattoo the skin the hand of actor Ami James, and he out United States' famous tattooist TV program (have such program unexpectedly) " Miami Ink " gold is recommended.

     hubble-bubble viewpoint: Although this is sterling beautiful type equipment,letting what our China reader is interested is, but the design of this stripe body is us unexpectedly traditional Chinese dragon pattern, look the consequence that Chinese culture is in the world to go up is not a lid really. And match the setting with black, special really cruel! Want to know moment of what of this mobile phone appears on the market in home really, and it is not edition of set limit to it seems that! Be worth us to expect.

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