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Old tattooist is artistic

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Tattoo the skin art has since ancient times, genetic but trace arrives ancient totemic culture, it conveyed the mankind to reveal a desire to a kind of oneself. In ancient Africa, it ever was regarded as a kind of label that distinguishs racial group, identity, position to wait. The tattooist of our country is artistic the history that already also had more than 1000 years, song Chaoyue's mother is Yue Fei to be pricked on the arm " essence of life faithful dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland " 4 words, it is one kind tattooes the skin actually behavior. Inchoate tattooist is artistic because dye is more onefold, and give priority to with cyan, also be called to prick blueness. But because love tattooist National People's Congress socially before,be character of all corners of the country more, it is so in the traditional idea of average person, the meeting after tattooing the skin brings negative effect to oneself, can be considered as not decent personage by accident.

Luo Dan has said: "Human body is the most beautiful artwork " , actually to original already very beautiful human body undertakes the tattooist with local perhaps whole body (coloured drawing or pattern perhaps pricks grain) , invite your body, take a place haggard, take a place additional kind, in mad wild in show downy, a mystery is taken in crude free from worries and petty ideas, meeting more reveal piece " you " the beauty that oneself sees -- to the male, increase in relief Gang Zhimei; To the female, take a dot to tease, take a place wild colourful, take a place coquettish. Of course, say here " beautiful " , either before the sort of cheap " thorn is green " , however the design of coloured drawing or pattern with contemporary delicate beauty. The society is in progress, the person's self-awareness also is rising, tattoo the skin the cognizance that art regards a kind as pair of him bodies, reach Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in Western Europe country, Japan at present, include the big city such as the Shenzhen of our country, Shanghai, Guangzhou, already was accepted by masses place slowly.

Tattoo the skin actually cent is 2 kinds, one kind is handmade coloured drawing or pattern, one kind is the grain draw of pinprick. Handmade coloured drawing or pattern is analgesic, use special dye to draw design in your skin surface namely, colour of this kind of coloured drawing or pattern is gorgeous, but not fast, can be washed after about half month. The grain draw colour of pinprick type is opposite for should compare coloured drawing or pattern a bit dimmer, should undertake " secant " , " hit mist " two big move, can have keenly feel, after the skin that because be,defeats you with pinprick again chromatically; But the grain draw of pinprick also is permanent, arrive dead to also can accompany you that is to say. So if although you like but if worrying about consequence again, might as well the means that uses coloured drawing or pattern first comes additional kind, if feel good, the body that is determined to let oneself is beautiful after all, the grain draw that considers to use pinprick formula again is better; Lest to moment you regretted, be forced to be washed with laser, (will be washed with laser is to meet those who leave scar) . Still have, the grain draw that has pinprick type you had better be to ask major to tattoo the skin division side your department manages, because of design beautiful the competence of the angle of as even as the depth of secant, degree of finish, secant and gimmick have immediate concern, some tattoo the skin enthusiasticly lover likes to use grain eyebrow machine to tattoo the skin for oneself in the home, as a result of motor of grain eyebrow machine torsional disrelish inadequacy with rotate speed, the effect that grain gives often is not to increase beauty to be added however ugly. And because possible still meeting did not master good depth to wait other reason a moment to cause skin pathological change.
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