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Thailand full street is to tattoo the skin inn

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  has seen the person of Thailand film can discover, there is tattooist figure figure in film very much, this is the real report of Thailand society circumstance. Current, the with Thailand tattooist in southeast Asia country industry developeds most, tourist of a lot of foreign countries " come here one article " .  
Tattoo the skin to be not regarded as in Thailand " gangdom " indicative, and the body adornment with be regarded as a kind normal, act the role of with Dai Shou, wear fashionable dress it doesn't matter to distinguish. Stride in Bangkok, Pu Ji, Qing Dynasty, a lot of cities such as Hua Xin, "TATTOO " (tattoo) inn cans be found everywhere, those who show this industry is flourishing.  
The tattooist of Bangkok the Su Kunyi way that merchant wants to be centered in downtown, be Long Lu and pull difference to amount to wrap around lubricious road is taken, every tattoo inn can be offerred give on 1000 kinds of design to offer consumer preference, collect fees those who inspect tattoo decide with accident of makings, hold time and difficult easy degree.  
As we have learned, contemporary tattooist and traditional thorn blueness had had clear distinction. The traditional need that prick blueness cuts apart human body skin to be filled again note color, once civil the time that can hold a few years too does not fade. And Thailand tattooes the skin inn is given priority to with offerring short-term tattoo, with expecting is the plant extraction fluid that does not harm the body, by tattoo the skin after division hand draw arrives on human body, can make sure two weeks of right-and-left time do not fade, once feel improper, can clean, consequently very popular. Generally speaking, in Bangkok article a palm is big, common of the style " can wash tattoo the skin " , the price is in 3000 an ancient unit of weight (add up to a RMB 700 yuan) the left and right sides.  
The price that tattooes the skin in Bangkok is otherer than Thailand the place is expensive. The reporter is in was apart from the littoral city Hua Xin that 300 kilometers control Bangkok to also see a large number of tattooist inn, ask a price is made an appointment with than Bangkok petty gain 30% . Inside an inn, the reporter sees two young men are tattooing the skin, rise a little, from Vietnam so Hu Zhiming city comes to them to Thailand travel, be about to answer Vietnam the following day, because this is being driven in the late evening,will tattoo the skin.  
The reporter asks them why time insecurity tattooes the skin even, among them one professes " POULOK " the English that uses adroitness Vietnam is small groups says to the reporter: "We two want early to tattoo the skin, because be in Vietnam, have tattooing the skin is a position those who have the capacity is homage, indicative. But, vietnam whole nation did not tattoo the skin inn, we are forced to take the advantage of the opportunity that travels to Thailand to tattoo the skin. " saying, the design that his great points to the fist on him left arm is big says: "Look, just spent 1500 an ancient unit of weight! Be cheap! Value! "
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