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Zhou Bichang uncovers secret " wing " tattoo the skin origin

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    8 month 22 days, zhou Bichang shows body phoenix to defend inspect " celebrity face-to-face " transcribe spot, face a mouth to make Ge Hui, the expression of pen free is heated up slow still, but also there is no lack of to explode solely among them expect caused Xiaogao is wet, have like tattoo the skin the god comes to the Xu Gehui of the clue brushstroke, those who mention pen free right hand to go up, in fokelore small tattoo the skin, the gramophone of pen pen was opened.

     is told according to pen free, on her hand " small wing " it is the university entrance exam after the end, little not well runs in the heart of grain, and the reason that does not have grain Long Xiufeng is very simple, it is to be afraid of ache, it is dragon phoenix it doesn't matter again special meaning, so pen free designed a lovely and unusual wing with respect to oneself, chose the place of a more special and good grain, lines of firm firm ground. Ask about when Xu Gehui, be because want," volant Gao Fei " the wing of gift lines? Pen pen laughs laugh express, did not think actually so much, it is oneself as a child particularly favorite belt the thing of feather.