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" kind-hearted goatherd " beautiful Zhu Li tattooes the skin

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Window of Tianjin of people net · on December 14 dispatch: According to " daily Post " 13 days of reports, if cloth pulls De Pete to do not have a book to be able to look before sleep, the beauty that he can deliver the view to Angelina Zhuli is carried on the back. The gut that tells about a CIA piece " kind-hearted goatherd " (The Good Shepherd) held premiere in new York, the Zhu Li of formal attire of back of a suit dew is in first show ceremonially is big show is especially beautiful oneself attractive curve, and the tattooist of back makes the central point in the focus naturally.  

The language ability that Pete of 42 years old must tell dawn Cambodia person defeats interpret thorn to go up in Zhu Li left shoulder blade " abracadabra " , allegedly this " abracadabra " ever helped Zhu Li escape mildew to carry for many times. Interesting is, there is to tattoo the skin only on Zhu Li body -- " Know your rights " (the right that knows you) be English. Of course, to satisfy husband " peep " desire, zhu Li also dedicated in next his back a design tattooes the skin -- a tiger.

The tattooist that admires oneself to let filmgoer is artistic -- going up often is to should be used when lens make up those who try to conceal -- this female star of 31 years old often is his hair since active hold up, will tattoo the skin open to the public. Of Dan Zhuli tattoo the skin more it is to hide below formal attire, believe again dutiful filmgoer also is the appreciation that do not have a predestined relationship. According to the letter, the tattooist under formal attire has 12 about, among them a name that once was her former husband -- " Billy Bob Thornton " (Billie Baobai Shangdu) , but this tattooist position was replaced by the successor already, is estimation not to think Rangpite is embarrassed? (Ren Qiuling)