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"Tattoo " is not " tattoo the skin "

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Yesterday, citizen Mr He to " wrong change " column report, stone city Yo just has on the street writing on a fascia " tattoo the skin " two marked big character, "Should be ' tattoo ' just be opposite? "Should be ' tattoo ' just be opposite??

Subsequently, the reporter will to gift market of stone city Yo and pagoda tree install part of road across mouth, saw this " tattoo the skin " fascia. The reporter asks a of careful before this fascia end old gentleman: "' tattoo the skin ' ' grain ' be so write? " after old gentleman muttered to oneself a little while, to reporter explanation: "' tattoo the skin ' , should mix ' embroider ' meaning close, the picture is pricked on the body with the needle, embroider comes embroider goes, that is ' tattoo the skin ' . It is to mix for certain wring what concern by silk, so write right. So write right..

" dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " explanation: Tattoo, verb, meaning the figure that brings facial expression to draw is become or be pricked on human body or graph; In addition, "Civil " word itself has " go up in the body, decorative pattern of picture of the thorn on the face or word " meaning, and " tattoo the skin " this word is nonexistent.  

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