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Consider the tattooist matter that wants an attention

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The word of     body goes normal major tattooes the skin inn, must not go give attention to two or morethings tattooes the skin the beauty parlour of business, although the price is very cheap but sanitation and quality assure very hard, and blame major tattooes the skin the graph that Shi Wen comes out very coarse, dare not flatter really. General major tattooes the skin inn can assure sanitation and safety, tattoo the skin used needle is one-time, won't be infected to go up blood disease, tattoo the skin whats won't uses dye have to harm to the skin and body (tattoo the skin normally the tattooist that inn uses is painty it is vegetal entrance lubricious makings, the harmful metal material that does not contain lead to wait to cause cancer easily) , and major tattooes the skin the pattern that Shi Wen gives is very careful, so perhaps ask a price not low but after all a minute of money a minute of goods, content is worth somewhat. After tattooing the skin according to tattoo the skin the requirement of division nurses tattoo the skin, won't appear commonly what problem.  

The price of     body shop is different, have a plenty of by square centimeter computational price, have a plenty of the area size according to design and complex degree to decide. Because of the price that tattooes the skin now skimble-scamble, had better be to tattoo the skin first anthology choose a plan, or oneself go up in the magazine, on the book, of the what on the net look for a few favorite plans to be taken tattoo the skin division looks a while, such ability know to compare specific price. Tattooing the skin nevertheless is after all all one's life, choose a plan so must careful, lest after grain regret.  

The word of     scar constitution does not suggest to tattoo the skin, the restores not easily to make sure grain comes out very hard also effect after grain is over whether can satisfactory.