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Green jade is held high this secret be explodinged marries

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    sexy songbird greens jade Angsi Nuolisi (Beyonce Knowles) and male friend outstanding this (Jay-Z) feeling is all along stable, come out again recently they are at the beginning of December head for Parisian journey to celebrate Jiesisheng between date, marry secretly already. Disclose according to the insider: "Green jade holds Si Yujie high this do not want to make everybody central point, they want to hold a romantic wedding secretly only! " according to knowing them more the engrave on leftward ring finger tattooes the skin, already got married on behalf of 2 people. Be 38 years old outstanding this hold high with green jade of 26 years old this, pat from 2002 open circumstance often is attended to show conjugal love since procrastinating, this year more ever came out for many times the message that 2 people marry. Green jade is held high this the spokesman represents pair of 2 people marriage none know the inside story; And outstanding this spokesman criterion of short duration has no any responses.