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Fuzhou art region tattooes the skin

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Tatoo series tattooes the skin machine major research, development is of all kinds hairdressing instrument things, product quality is excellent, muti_function tattoo the skin machine execute 3 packets, avoid user trouble back at home, horsepower is driving, power source is adjustable control rotate speed, output power but can small, eyebrow of body of usable Yu Wen, grain, bleach a lip, easy chromatically.
One, tattoo the skin working principle:
Transformer receives 220V (turn 110V) 50HZ alternating current, change is dc, receive again into tattoo the skin machine, working voltage is 6-12V. Two masterstroke circle and all directions iron produce magnetic field, case gush, absorb effect, bounce of shrapnel of have the aid of of all directions iron produces reciprocate of high speed fluctuation, all directions metal strip is moved tattoo the skin the needle works, tattoo the skin surface layer of needle lunge skin, will painty belt takes skin surface layer.
2, tattoo the skin machine adjust method:
1. receives transformer on 220V (110V) alternating current (notice 110V of power source backside turns please the switch of 220V, the alternating current that chooses you to want to use) open mains switch POWER (1 express to put through, 0 express to disconnect) indicator light bright red, adjust pushbutton VOLTAGF, suitable hour hand turns slowly, v is expressed (number shows a watch to show number) also can turn slowly accordingly (A expresses to be in only tattoo the skin the ability when mechanic is made can be moved) , move V watch hand to 6-12V (attention: Voltage is increased, output power is greater, rotate speed is faster. The place when seeing the job needs and adjust) insert the outlet of jumper power source aperture next, insert foot switch aperture of on another power source again.
2. plays the other one aspect of the matter of jumper tick off alveolus of ministry of tail of Gou Zaiwen eyebrow to go up (insert tattoo the skin the) on the electrical outlet of machine, again the foot steps on foot switch, tattoo the skin machine started. Bright red of power source lamp, v watch is in 6-12V, machine of Dan Wen body fails to start (A. Likelihood shrapnel contact did not reach the designated position; B. The likelihood tattooes the skin machine circuitry disconnects) , if be A needs to debug afresh,tattoo the skin machine: Transfer bounce lever first shrapnel contact, move bounce staff to shrapnel contact by suitable hour hand slowly again, start foot switch at the same time, machine of Ling Wen body just is started, loosen next foot switch, turn bounce lever by suitable hour hand 180 ° - 360 ° screw screw chains bounce lever accordingly. (transformer has overload to protect, when indicator light bright green, voltage is 0, signal occurrence short circuit, transformer is automatic tripping operation, after wanting a POWER switch to hit O at this moment, hit afresh 1, with respect to the can new power supply that start, volmeter returns to normal) . So B, a few is plant likelihood: 1. Short circuit of jumper of ② of; of short circuit of interior of power source aperture, check plug, play draw; ③ foot switch short circuit. Line, plug, switch wants maintenance or processing of go back supplier.
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