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Promotion sketch picture 4 cut a point greatly

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Correct observation can promote a picture expressional strength

Sketch is height of eye of a requirement, hand, head is unified, technical strong course, be aimed at this one point, be about to have effective observation above all, observe an object namely while want union to think try to apply, observe ability is behaved effectively correctly, emphasize correct observation method ability enhancing the expressional power of the picture only. Picturesque figure, gesso should form the order from space of integral —— local —— to have observation, undertake analytic comparative circular iteration, make the body of the picture is made clear ceaselessly, model expression ceaseless development, be able to abound finally, methods of such a kind of observation are the line of vision that carries an author be applied appropriately and arise, the person that make a picture should behave an object according to his and choose to use, when drawing body rough sketch, the eye of the person that make a picture should control ground fling up and down, in order to decide integral embryonic form, let a look stay in some part even after that, such looking attentively at ability takes hand development the earth's surface to show an object with the eye, but the application of fling and the trick that watch cannot oversight contrast is analysed, without contrast, incommensurable analysis gives the configuration of the object, structure, cadence, arrangement, also cannot achieve the demand that promotes the expression of the picture force. Accurate observation method is to need to emphasize repeatedly, remind a student repeatedly, apply ability to form a habit repeatedly, ability corrects the sort of local observation method in the student effectively, after the observation method with student accurate nurturance, review next dozen of valid basises for the university entrance exam, of the student rising will be ” of “ get twice the result with half the effort.

Copy exceeding an amount can break through original picture condition

Begin the phase of copy, the limits of skill and calligraphy or drawing but a bit wide, because make the person that draw still not be clear that that kind of style suits him temporarily, in ceaseless copy training course, can comprehend slowly suit him skill and calligraphy or drawing, through the teacher the copy with seasonable guidance and correct demonstrate practices direction, make the student's study gets enthusiasticly rising, also make the effect of copy study ceaseless and distinct. Draw near the later period of study should close further according to particular case narrow the limits of copy, that is to say specific the research to skill of avery kind of and calligraphy or drawing and carry on, find those who suit oneself finally, can express him kind most, have picture effect most with oneself method of the most mature expression. If concentration relapses 3 pieces two ceaselessly copy until can roughly silent picture comes out, consolidate ability law while be in into bamboo again bosom. In copy final phase can undertake the adjustment of integral copy or local copy according to his demand. Improve the mouth ministry that behaves one of weaker figure facial features through copy for example, so besides the guidance in classroom study and teacher, seek a few pattern plate copy that concern this respect in extracurricular even, the many sided much angle such as the mouth department that includes the obverse side, lateral mouth ministry undertakes analytic study, until find the inadequacy that oneself are behaving method and understanding respect, deepen understanding, relapse for many times copy behaves mouth ministry with obtaining land of can relaxed freely till the effect of this one place. In copy while notice to want to undertake the comparison between copy and pattern plate meticulously seriously even, be close to pattern plate to had been jumped over more, the respect such as the strength that the speed that the expressional form that includes pattern plate, tonal depth, line behaves, line behaves has copy.
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