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Draw the most effective method of good draft

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Believe everybody has read the draft with painterly ace of a lot of abroad, they with line beautiful and fluent get victory! Actually, what draft draws is good the mainest right and wrong that reads line is spent.

The place picture of most person is bad actually namely line is not fluent, repeat strokes too much, line is not straight, or not pliable flexibility. Drawing a picture to wear commonly line begins thick. Factitious, these the mainest problems! Returning some is clairvoyant not accurate! ! This are in those who draw sketch is awaiting is abstain from greatly! ! But often be those who make make again, add in front says problem draft picture is bad be natural thing. See a foreigner. (the foreigner pays attention to academic actual application, fluoroscopy is a key of draw, when practicing so very note clairvoyant problem) the practice that begins to stress line after fluoroscopy can have been solved.
Clairvoyant accurate with line fluent it is to had been maintained at bad judge standard! Still is pair of volume move hold degree. (what must admit the foreigner is made is good! ) above is to let everybody have an accurate knowledge to drawing sketch. How has been ability drawn? I explain one by one below

1 show ash a few clairvoyant books will learn seriously, this one step is very important! (the straight clairvoyant mistake that the line draws is equal to 0 ah! ) the 3 big principles that want deep understanding fluoroscopy and basic square!
[Train dimensional imagination at the same time] the line is drawn badly to never mind, but fluoroscopy must allow! Be sure to keep in mind!
Should admit not to give a week really only you can are opposite the clairvoyant and basic know sth like the palm of one's hand of the object.

2 what you become aware is about the same that begins the training that take step. The means that does not look at an object to paint the picture that use write from memory undertakes is not a picture of course simple geometrical substance, the 3 view of picturesque picture car, building, the behavioral expression of the character ability that sees you!

Of face of 3 as above train what you finish to had compared Na Gongxi you you in order to be the ace of 60% . (why to say so, because you design staff with having primary quality also is one of the most important quality. )

4 what should draw the line is accurate reach the designated position to practice a picture above all linear. Write method is drawn with the method that draws sketch, what the line does not draw is too short should finish with rapidder rate! Read the line that you draw! Be no good how to drill practice arrives the picture is continuously to! Must not want for a long time commonly, the object practice with picture more intricate at the same time geometry is experienced (be equal to in experienced fluoroscopy and feeling)

5 pictures curve, it is one catastrophe dot, but serious exercise is no problem definitely. Practice drawing a circle first, with location method was mixed at 4 o'clock location method was drawn at 8 o'clock, the circle is by (curve of circular arc = ) of composition, half arc = is drawn to draw a curve after the picture is very round! What the circle draws is good so what curvilinear nature draws is good. (the picture became much the feeling had, so picture random curve is unchallenged also!
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