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The skeletal structure of the head and muscle structure

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One, the skeletal structure of the head
The head is comprised by 24 skeleton, among them cranium 8, facial 16, divide mandible character can outside the activity, other framework are fixed, form a solid cranial cavity. Orbit above is frontal bone, frontal bone above is cranium, two side are linked together with temporal bone backward. Zygomatic go up even frontal bone, play the character that receive jaw, the horizontal stroke receives earhole. The upper jaw forms gum, nose bone forms bridge of the nose, orbit is surrounded at zygomatic, nose bone at frontal bone in. Mandible bone resembles a horse's hoof form, end and temporal bone part join on, through biting the action of flesh, can fluctuate activity, coronal bone itself is cannot of the activity. Of skull rise and fall, form the change on body, it is the main place that behaves modelling feature, especially ridgy bone dot, it is formative more important sign (refer to attached drawing) .
2, the muscle structure of the head
The muscle of the head anatomizes structure and skull to anatomize a structure same, the influence is worn external change. Skull is in relatively changeless condition, but depend on the muscle on skull is full of change however, meet those who present all sorts of figure rise and fall, influencing the generation of the expression on head motion of the character and facial ministry. Facial muscle cent is athletic flesh and expressional flesh two kinds big, athletic flesh advocate the activity of manage mandible bone, if bite muscle of flesh, bone of labial deltoid, mandible, Nie flesh to wait; Expressional flesh advocate the expression with facial manage, v/LIT all over the ground flesh of the flesh that be like the forehead, corrugator, eye annulus, labrum square flesh, buccal annulus v/LIT all over the ground flesh, labium square flesh. Head muscle and cervical muscle are linked together cheek by jowl. Understand its cause and effect, be helpful for the modelling of head portrait, the bosom locks up breast dash forward flesh is cervical the most apparent muscle, admire Fu to rotate with what inclined square flesh is the same as manage head, the neck grows flesh, bladebone flesh, 2 abdominal muscle to have the effect that differs severally, but appearance change is not quite apparent (refer to attached drawing) .

The cadence in sketch and administrative levels

The cadence of sketch and administrative levels basically are lines of have the aid of is behaved with light and shade. It is the stereo expression of the structure to the object and bulk. Phenomenon of light and shade is the smooth action expression at bulk and space, is not to stay in the effect itself to smooth shadow. Abecedarian is right in the process that draws sketch of light and shade apply can appear such or in that way mistake, want to solve these problems, must make sufficient understanding and understanding to phenomenon of light and shade above all, ability avoids ground of skimming over the surface the administrative levels of light and shade of painted object.
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