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The method of sketch do exercises in composition and measure

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----Sketch paint from life practices is by the feeling - - the integrated process that understanding behaves one by one, it has the rule with special oneself and scientific and rigorous method and move. So, whether the result that follows its regulation art of composition to come to will right study order ground guidance undertakes sketch do exercises in composition is crucial.
The method of sketch do exercises in composition and measure form observation, composition of a picture by the following parts, dozen outline, model big concern, thorough score, arrange finish.
Observation:  of Qiang of negative Jia of Tang of  of Zheng of drop of enthalpy of Juan of Mao of Щ of deficient of  of Niao of the violet mystery that throw Ω watersides plaque  dusk pulls lament bursa of collapse  example is bad scrupulously and respectfully? and the fellow students that a lot of begin to learn draw often oversight this, had not sat firm rapid move begins to move strokes to rise, head of main like the success or failure that such thinking that draw armrest behaves kongfu, the understanding that perhaps relies on an amount to accumulate and method are very harmful, gradually the mistake that nurturance corrects one kind hard. It goes against the settlement of problem essence not only, when we are undertaking sketch paint from life practices:  Yu  wades value of  of ü of high and steep of level ground Jia seeks Zhuang bone term enlighten be worth?middot; but the hand carries eye fine control, and how eye fine observes should get again of cerebrum thinking method restrict control · to say what to kind of observation method can have what kind of expression result so. Accordingly, the eyesight of the at hand kongfu that asks training has freely and accurate acumen is not just in sketch do exercises in composition, more important is the integral consciousness with well-trained education one by one observation method of whole. The object whole appearance that observation method just as its name implies of whole practices wanting show to sketch do exercises in composition namely has to experience understanding in the round. Specific means can be divided for the following two respects.
1. unlocks eye eye shot, a boy or girl friend that sees whole bedcover is right, is not the some portion that viewpoint Jiao Ju targets whole object, be like is to be in like looking at whole object to think worry is bemused, each pair of local detail turn a blind eye to. Because cannot aim viewpoint Jiao Ju the some of whole object local, the vision that forces us so can get one appears to be clear about the integral impression that blurs again only, this kind of impression also is the integral feeling that we ask fitly. And feel medium in this kind of whole, we can experience the main body feature with old boy or girl friend, trends and bearing imposing manner, scale, structure and depth of big creditable light and shade easily in the round contrast and relation of false or true. Should go to eye magnify whole, all redundant things disappeared, remain only necessary, main thing.
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