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The structural issue of sketch

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Structural problem is sketch paint from life in most key and most main problem. Because sketch is sketchy,with emersion nature the authenticity of the object is judge
The standard of the quantity, and each object has its basic casing framework to become this content to resemble main body feature. Should get object picture accurate, true, from
The proper understanding that cannot leave pair of object structures like that and expression (graph 1) .
The structure is the structural frame with immanent body, it is the main structural frame that forms content to resemble exterior feature, and observe a structure from the appearance of the object when us when, it gets again a lot of interference that behave an element, for instance: Smooth, shadow, simple sense is waited a moment, make we not allow to envisage its internal composition easily when observing an object, resemble seeing a building, as a result of the illuminate of all sorts of adornment of metope, smooth shadow, you envisage the about of its frame structure very hard. Need to reach the analysis in and understanding by the watch like the structure to content consequently, capturing content to be behaved like structural essence is the basic skill of sketch paint from life. Drawing character or gesso to resemble also is this truth, exterior interference is too much, intuitionistic outside impression is very strong, it is not easy to want to consider an issue deep to in-house structural frame. Nevertheless, hold to the development of structural issue, so that can show accurate tectonic concern, can pass analysis, understanding only, seek the frame relationship of the object, otherwise, structural department problem is done impossibly forever understand. And once had structural consciousness, can try when making a picture with frame form the observation, frame that understand and finds out object around, inside and outside is formed, the clairvoyant impact that discovers an object easily so is precise, scale size is proper, use power position whether Tuo Tie, the form of departmental cent piece alternate whether whole. Clairvoyant, scale, move situation it is the 3 big pillar with structural the most serious problem, “ structure ” should solve these 3 problems namely actually, if use frame form to observe an object, these 3 problems are met immediately be readily solved. Be like clairvoyant problem: The form that uses a line disappears with respect to what can find fluoroscopy dot, the change that around controls, the method that adopts a line affirms whether a scale is appropriate more easily. Of the object move situation will show immanent frame with the line, can notice whole to go up immediately every change situation tendency and each part form and structure locally the connection in a kind of clairvoyant condition. Accordingly, examine of the structure analysed correctly through reason only, the interference of eliminate surface element, the immanent structural frame that understands an object truly concerns, hold a construction well and truly. Often not be intuitionistic to structural understanding and expression with sensibility, hold not quite easily accordingly and control, consequently, husband of the hard work below the classmate that needs every examinee or sketch of begin to learn more, go consider and mastering vigorously. We suggest examinee understands an object with the form of frame structure line, analyse elephant of expressional other people with period of time with the brushwork of line drawing, this has apparent help and effect to mastering structural principle. Examine means hind when what turn the brushwork of frame form into consciousness, feel with respect to the volume that for us farther thorough the earth's surface shows an object, cadence, administrative levels, simple sense, space a surname braise some the entire content in sketch laid solid foundation.
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