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Element represents a few kinds of of the picture basic forms

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Although the style is diversiform,sketch draws, gimmick is differ, by Baconian rise to be able to divide roughly for 3 kinds of basic forms: The modelling method that is united in wedlock with range of method of line formative method, modelling of cadence of light and shade, line.
Line model: The painterly form of Chinese tradition is with line model. In long-term artistic practice, painter of past dynasties China accumulated rich line drawing experience, left countless artistic curiosa. Although western brushwork is given priority to with modelling of light and shade, but the application of the line also never discontinuous, a lot of painterly Great Masters also are ace of the formative that use a line.
Line model is exquisite the variation that uses a line and unified. Strong soft the actual condition, importance, emphatic, density of right and wrong, body of all without exception reveals beautiful form and vivid gas charm. Fundamental sketch trains medium line model means, the shape structure feature that if learn to come with succinct, clear line,generalizes expressional other people to resemble only, develop the ability of observation and concern of analytic shape construction, the degree of finish of the line loses by force change, it is certain to can be shown stereo with dimensional effect.
Modelling of cadence of light and shade: Use the basic law of cadence of light and shade, the configuration that expressional object presents below smooth illuminate, simple sense, stereo with dimensional effect, this is the elite place with painterly west, it can be true the natural state that behaves the five spices. Using face of piece of light and shade to model content to resemble is the basic form element of method of this one modelling. The expression of the processing of administrative levels of picture light and shade, stereo space, it is in order to be opposite the analysis of body piece face, understanding, with what be a basis to the vivid control of rule of light and shade. Modelling of cadence of light and shade is one of main methods that we study sketch.
Line range combines model: Line and the modelling method that photograph of light and shade combines, already wired rhythm feeling, not the stereo feeling that lost property resembles, be technique of more general a kind of modelling is used in sketch. Sketch foundation trains medium line range to combine brushwork, not be the simple union that cheers line in sketch of light and shade, however organic be in harmony is line range an organic whole, smooth shadow of too not exquisite light and shade and light and shade are comparative, and the means of a kind of modelling that gives priority to in order to highlight expressional construction concern. Its learn to basically depend on analysing research to anatomize a structure, understand and master the structural element in modelling.
Sketch observation should break chronic thinking

Below condition of specific viewpoint, angle, light, the visual property that the gesso head portrait of dormant three-dimensional substance has dot of 2 dimension plane, line to concern, the surface of gesso head portrait, no matter be to watch its whole to still see its local or it is detail of observation facial features, they are by rise and fall cobbly, appearance
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