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Introduce the special practice of paint from life of a kind of sketch

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3, concern than comparatively exemple, outline of object of draw the outline of
On the base that gives old geometrical pattern in silent picture, want to divide the basic scale concern that gives each form and structure further, the picture gives the basic look of each objects, wait with level, perpendicular corrective the correlation between each body: Every object has the scale concern of oneself, and there is an object again in a group of still life mutual the scale between concerns, in relation of these two kinds of scale, latter is principal. The examinee in silent picture exam is in the most easily all sorts of mistakes appear in mutual scale relation, accomplished the scale between object and object only the significance is true, draw small local body proportion to concern to just have a basis further, ability picture is precise (refer to measure to pursue 3) .

4, distinguish two bedding face, lay note of general light and shade
The object formed those who get light below particular light illuminate bright ministry and the dark ministry that be in a poor light two big basic light and shade concern. Picture of silent of sketch still life and paint from life are different, sketchy object is natural illuminant, before the person that the relation already showed the two big light and shade of the object to make a picture now, and silent picture is to want examinee to behave a lot of silent to draw object light and shade to concern according to subjective and affirmatory illuminant. Examinee makes mistake the most easily in this measure, often show messy and the light and shade that does not accord with the order of nature concerns, cause the disorder of the picture, make silent draws exercise cannot farther thorough depict. Examinee gives light and shade in silent picture when two bedding face concern, must imitative and natural illuminant, accomplish “ to resemble the thing that sees at ordinary times in your eye in that way ” is true and natural.
In establish light and shade when the relation of two bedding face, want precise picture to give clue of have a common boundary of light and shade above all, at the same time the picture gives umbriferous range, rise from dark ministry picture next, roll out in the round, comparing a picture each other, tonal should deepen stage by stage, the attention distinguishs depth of object solid coloured, at this moment the environment is tonal also should roll out subsequently, bright, grey, dark 3 big main concerns should be made clear basically, whole come to an agreement moves the general interest of concern of light and shade that achieves an appearance, bulk concerns, dimensional concern is basic and obvious (refer to measure to pursue 4) .

5, thorough depict, 3 bedding face of expressional “ , 5 cadence”
On the foundation that in general light and shade the relation has made clear, should behave further bright, grey, dark 3 big main concerns, the relation of light and shade that in process of this silent picture some do not accord with natural illuminant rule to form should be adjusted further come over, should make local bright, grey, dark relation is unified in big bright, in grey, dark relation. Draw a “ stage by stage next the delicate change of 5 cadence ” , want specific ground, thorough ground to go analysis, understanding, hold show. Like also wanting to resemble paint from life in the process of thorough depict firm do what set out from whole to make picture method, should accomplish bright ministry concise and wraparound, demitint is solid and not dead, empty spirit has dark department send (refer to measure to pursue 5) .
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