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Introduce the special practice of paint from life of a kind of sketch

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6, arrange Baconian, unified adjust a picture
Because draw the understanding of the object and understanding to be perfected ceaselessly to silent, when silent picture behaves deep person, examinee appears the most easily “ board the defect of grey ” of ”“ dead ” , “ beautiful ” , “ , examinee should overcome an act carefully in the process of thorough depict local and thorough and the silent that ignores integral impact draws kind. Because be in silent picture process,draw an object to undertake depicting to silent repeatedly, the recognition that draws a target to silent and understanding and having very big distinction in the begining. Unite what pair of whole should return to concern when adjusting to examine come up, undertake to the picture overall art holds, reinforce principal part, stress principal part, whole of all be a hindrance to concern, be a hindrance to highlights the detail standoff ministry of main body to answer bold accept or reject, make silent draws a target more perfect, more concentration is more wraparound, more typical, mirror an object racily, those who make the picture reachs content and form is perfect and unified.

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