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Sketch writes the scientific regularity of administrative levels of light and sh

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Sketch, as one of basic skill of plastic arts, have its objective law. There is “ on brushwork the treatise of ” of 3 bedding face, our country traditional landscape painting talks those who go up to also “ stone divides face ” to say. In actual life, of “ body ” form should have 4 plane at least, and go up in the vision, no matter be,see an object from what angle, what our eye can see at the same time is most have 3 sides only, also be in only when seeing 3 faces, the bulk sense of the object is the strongest, so, the foundation that 3 bedding face are adult of the compose on brushwork. Go to on this foundation fine in push, arrive by whole local, the —— of 3 bedding face that can get a lot of administrative levels namely very mutiple level by the feeling of big and small system, rise and fall greatly namely go up rise and fall smally. But no matter how column is fine in push, detail always wants obedient whole, in order to maintain the integral sense of 3 bedding face, get cardinal principle and local (small system) unified.

Actually an object is very complex, it stops anything but 3 bedding face, but those who use compose adult is basic the viewpoint of 3 bedding face goes seeing an object, OK primary and secondary analyses creditable relationship clearly.
Although the expressional ability law of sketch is varied, but its formative is basic method but reduce two kinds: Namely before the line that the chapter mentions and light and shade. When making a picture actually, can use line drawing completely or behave an object completely with cadence of light and shade. The line drawing in brushwork of our country tradition, double tick off etc with line model, having long history. In the west, like France Angeer of classical Great Master uses 19 centuries namely extremely accurate and succinct line, with beautiful metrical, rich and true the earth's surface showed different figure figure. And with cadence of light and shade vivid and effectively announced the target is internal beautiful great master also theres is no lack of its person, the Luosenke of Russia, Yifannuofu, Sulikefu, swedish Zun En, french Pulvdong is waited a moment, it is crackajack delegate. both knot collaboration draws line and a light and shade, also be applied for numerous artist, our country is contemporary and famous the sketch of painter Mr Xu Beihong, it is shirt-sleeve the good qualities of magic art of cover of China and foreign countries, the line that washs practice and administrative levels of rich light and shade union rises and achieve high attainment. Apply line to be able to fill the passion of minute of ground express author, but vivid effectively behaves an object, this law draws the sketch place that waits for major to use for China more. Sketch of light and shade
All sorts of different qualitative feeling, chroma and dimensional distance feeling wait the shape structure that behaves the object below radial illuminate at stereo ground aptly and object a moment, make the picture provides authenticity more. Accordingly, sketch of light and shade handles the research of gimmick to cadence of light and shade and light and shade, draw as mural, aquarelle, gouache, colour, even the formative foundation that wait trains woodcut, it is very important. So, this chapter emphasizes the cadence of light and shade in talking about sketch and formative of light and shade
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