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The expressional method that silent of still life of sketch of light and shade d

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After the rule of a few composition of a picture that knew picture of silent of sketch still life, examinee should be emphasized in silent picture process solve body fictile problem. Silent picture and paint from life are different, model to body for, the in kind that paint from life represents from time to tome, and the concept that the object is only in silent picture, want to be notional expression figure in silent picture, the paint from life when this is about to develop examinee adequately to make the same score trains to accumulate income mediumly, plastic of the body in mastering a silent to draw is basic the rule.

One, serious careful problem, analyse the content that silent draws
In exam of sketch silent picture, examinee wants serious careful title above all before start writing, accomplish the body characteristic that draws a target to silent, make an impact, density false or true, dimensional administrative levels, light and shade is comparative, the difference of depth of object solid coloured knowledge that should one is made clear, only such ability accomplish know fairly well, have a definite object in view. To a few not familiar complex object, examinee but the basic model that the individual draw the outline of on preexistence careless paper for making manuscript gives it, the end that such doing is the basic figure that gives an object through remembering progressively picture. For instance silent draws column of the chaffy dish with little theme, gesso, small dish, apple, ladle, lining cloth, we but the basic appearance that silent picture gives chaffy dish, perfect its modelling detail on the foundation of draft next. Sometimes same object can draw a few different modelling, after the basic model of object of each individual silent picture in mastering a title, our silent drew sketch of a still life to have accurate
Figure foundation.

2, affirmatory composition of a picture, baconian object is basic form
Reasonable, appropriate, complete ground arranges the content of each silent picture that composition of a picture wants place behave namely to go up in the picture, had told before a few basic forms of composition of a picture, want to accomplish outstanding subject when applying forms of these composition of a picture to arrange silent to draw an object, guest and host is trenchant, subject matter arrangement is in visual center, what also should notice a picture at the same time is balanced concern with echo, silent draws an object to want size moderate in the position in the picture, avoid by all means is too big too small, do not want deflection at the same time. Say from visual effect, the object forms main space to should be more than less important space.
After fixing fundamental composition of a picture, the position that the basic look that the similar geometry look that sets a target gives with linear picture euqally when examinee should resemble painting paint from life makes clear each object and connection (refer to measure to pursue 2) .
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